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Considerat drept unul dintre cei mai sexy actori din lume, Robert Pattinson nu a putut trece peste idila pe care iubita sa a avut-o cu regizorul Rupert Sanders şi a părăsit casa pe care o împărţea cu Kristen, iar relaţia pare că a ajuns la final.

It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow but it will be soon enough unless you’re pulling an ostrich and holding on tight come rain, hail, shine, or the next decade.

We are working very hard to implement them ASAP, however we are currently focusing on ensuring the best possible online experience.

There is a person, probably a man, who tells this woman what to wear every day.

If you’re still angry about the fact that you’re not still with them while they cheat, or are angry that they haven’t left, you’re missing the point – it was an affair.

He is making Remember Me in NY with blonde actress and "those in the know" say they get along very well and they have a "very strong connection".

If you’re a man and you’re intimidated by women with money, dating a waitress is not a threatening proposition.

Every waitress is a struggling actress, musician, writer, painter, etc.

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