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Volvo has four car factories in China, Belgium and Sweden, with a fifth one nearing completion in South Carolina (deliveries begin around July 2018).

When the Model 3 entered production in July, Tesla did not immediately issue anything as comprehensive as Volvo, in terms of showing the car actually moving down the assembly line with real work being performed by real people.As part of this acquisition, Geely has funded an billion investment program to completely revamp Volvo in a multitude of directions: Later in the article, I will discuss in detail five points that partially overlap with this five-point background to Geely's billion investment in the Volvo Car brand. Two of the five will be sold under the Polestar sub-brand, and will presumably have exceptional performance. Exhibit A: Volvo XC90 T8 This plug-in hybrid, which is a 3-row SUV that fits seven people, went on sale in late 2015. October 2017 was 174 units, a bit more than the 145 units of the Tesla Model 3. Exhibit B: Volvo XC60 T8 This plug-in hybrid, which is a two-row SUV, went on sale in July 2017, just like the Tesla Model 3.In many ways, when you look at the list of what Volvo has accomplished to date with the help of Geely's billion investment, and what it's doing in terms of confirmed next milestones, it's looking like it is trying to "out-Tesla" Tesla (TSLA). Volvo has had an all-electric limited-edition car in the Swedish market for several years. That car was based on now-outdated technology, but it gave Volvo some learnings in areas such as cold weather performance. Volvo has not yet said in which factories these cars will be made - but more about the factories later in the story. market to date, and let's use the Tesla Model 3 as the benchmark for U. It has sold 325 units to date, just behind the 367 units of the Model 3 sold. I show how their sales stats compare to the various Tesla models, in different geographies.Volvo will bring five pure EVs to market 2019-2021.

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