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“She’s been in such a horrific mourning phase for the last few episodes, and it felt like a bit of closure for her finally.” Hayley remembers the deep sorrow she'd tapped into on the soundstage, trying to imagine the realization of never seeing Steve again. It happens all too slowly and far too easily but it's something real in his life. In some ways, showing up to Chris crashed out on her couch is the perfect antidote to the emotional mess of her day. “That’s nice,” he says as though distracted, his eyes shifted over to the telly where Clooney and Pitt are leaning against a car talking, the volume down so low that the words aren’t audible. ”Chris yelps as Hayley attempts to smother him with her Kansas City Royals throw pillow. They've been dancing for years and it's time to decide whether to cut the rug from underneath them. He knows too damn well that real is hard to come by. That's also one of the reasons I think it's such great writing. People are represented in a much more interesting, realistic way. It is so nice to have a friendship between two women on screen that is not competitive, and not negative, not centered around the love interest or a man. It felt like they were playing to the strengths of the characters. There was a freedom to that, because you're not responsible for creating a character so defined and instilled in the minds of the readers."On Peggy's reaction if she found out Steve was dating Sharon Carter:"She'd have a few words to say to Sharon. It is really refreshing, and something Marvel was keen to promote. --- A very small drabble about Chris and Hayley (NB: Nothing's real, not even this text) “Ahh,” Scarlett says, the phone rustling as she presumably gets into bed. “You have a little timer inside of you that winds down until you must mate and marry and make babies! Chris can hear Romain murmuring in the background, and Scarlett shushes him.

Chris Hemsworth, of the working class Hemsworth's, grew up on the Hiddleston estate and helped tend to the home for years.

The time difference is putting a real strain on their chats; he still can’t believe she lives in Paris now.

feelings about Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) hooking up with Peggy Carter's great-niece Sharon (Emily Van Camp) in "Captain America: Civil War." Atwell shared her comments with smiles and her usual cheeky humor, but she seems pretty sure Peggy would approve of Cap's new love interest. Then she'd kick Steve's ass as well." Tell us how you really feel!

So within herself, she is in a much stronger place. He plays a pivotal role in her life, and on the show.

We can think more light, warmth and humor in who she is as a person. And also, in order to justify Jarvis being in the season ... I think it was that, and also obviously the big reveal of his body ...

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