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Now Vicky and Jezza are an item, friends of Carla have admitted that his ex-wife is not taking the news well.The nanny been accused of “morphing” into Carla and stealing her style to attract the attention of the popular TV host.She used to consider Vicky, who worked for the family for nine years, her "best friend".But after Vicky started dating Jeremy, about a year after he and Carla divorced, a source told The Sun Sunday that Carla felt Vicky stole her look and her style — before moving on to her husband.A source also said that Jeremy’s ex is finding the relationship difficult to deal with. “She has gone through the house taking down all the pictures of Vicky with her children because she finds them so upsetting. There were lots in every room, including pictures taken in Barbados, where Jeremy was pictured on holiday with Vicky recently.

He told a guest: “I haven’t had sex for ages myself.” Then the Sun on Sunday revealed that there were allegations of Carla romping with England polo player James Carr, 25, while Jeremy was away filming in the US.

"Carla wants them to stay on good terms for the children’s sake, so she’s finding it really stressful.

“She wants him to be happy, but realises the kids come first and they have to talk.” Carla was married to Jeremy for 13 years, and the pair have three children together.

The Jeremy Kyle Show host spoke about his relationship with Vicky on a recent episode of Loose Women, saying: “I’m very happy, new relationship, new chapter, thank you very much, let’s get on with our lives.” And he told Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain: "Things are great. "I’ve been through quite a bit, everyone’s been through quite a bit, you get on with your life.

That’s the way it goes.” The couple recently went on holiday together in Barbados, though Jeremy left his lover in a cheap seat while he enjoyed first class on the way home.

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He was a guest on Loose Women in February, where he admitted that Vicky made him “very happy”.

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