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That's why he likes to move toward love in an indirect way -- like a Crab. The Cancer man is watching intently, though he might not seem like it.He may sense disinterest, and push you away preemptively.But inside, he's still that same softy with the big heart.Of all the signs, he's the most sensitive to rejection.Cancer men are sensitive water signs, but they're also strong, and often very masculine.They're the most lovable of men -- when they let you love them.The Cancer man takes everything personally, and at times acts like a baby. And in Cancer men, the baby is demanding, with moods that wax and wane like the Moon (Cancer's planetary ruler).He's also notorious for nursing a grudge, even one you don't know about until he throws a tantrum.

Cancer men are often orally oriented, starting with kissing and covering the body landscape.The Cancer man tries to hide his emotional vulnerability, but it's there for all to see.He naturally attracts those who want to mother him and is at home among the ladies.How open he depends on whether he's learned that it's OK to trust others.The older Cancer wears a protective shell and often appears aloof.

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When this man falls in love, all of his insecurities will instantly surface.

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