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Somewhere in his brain he might think 'Hmmm, pee smell here. well done' Praising your dog for doing the right thing will always work far better than punishing him for doing the wrong thing. your puppy pees or poops on the carpet or floor you must clean it up immediately.

I think this would be a good place to pee.' and so he pees on the newspaper. If your puppy smells pee on the floor or carpet then he is more likely to return to this area to pee again.

Put your dog on his leash or in the case of a small puppy pick him up and take him to the puddle or mess. adopt a not happy voice and say 'I'm not happy with this' while pointing to the puddle or poop.

Make him look at the 'accident' It is very likely that your pup will not want to look at what you are pointing to and he will avert his eyes from what you are showing him.

If it isn't possible for you to frequently take your puppy outside then you must decide where you will allow your puppy to go to the bathroom inside. When my puppies were small I allowed them to either go outside or on newspaper placed at the door that led to the outside.

(You may prefer to use potty training pads rather than newspaper)I only used newspaper for a short period of time and only when the puppy was very young. Sometimes stairs to gain access to the outside can be an issue. You could teach your puppy to ring a bell to go outside to potty Click on the link for instructions on how to do this.

Don't leave him there for more than five minutes, that's long enough to get the message across.

You can't always be with your puppy 24 hours a day.

If you shout and carry on at him it will only frighten him and he will soon learn to sneak off and do it where you can't see him.Hold him there and tell him several times in a not happy voice, NO! He will feel uncomfortable when you do this and this is what you want to achieve.Have some tissue at the ready and pick up the poop or blot the urine and take it outside and put it where you would have liked him to do it in the first place.This is a big NO NO and such an old fashioned idea that doesn't work.However, you must let him know that this is unacceptable.

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