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Whether it be the passage of time documented through the work or the persistence of time acting on the piece, through deterioration or addition, Claude continually offers time the opportunity to take control.His insatiable curiosity for materials and process has produced a lifetime's worth of work encompassing a spectrum of media including painting, drawing, writing, video, and sculpture.Stay very close to enemies so that they can't run away from the poison cloud. Fast travel to another map to make the bandits respawn.The three effects must be active on one enemy at the same time. You can also do this against most other human enemies, animals and several monster types.These painterly qualities transfer well to Batik and each of the artists brings their individual style to the medium.

Start by shooting the broadhead bolt, followed by the Devil's Puffball and then the Dancing Star Bomb.

Some enemies are resistant to some of the three required effects, so not all enemies will work!

Bandits, Bears, Wolves, Cyclopes and anything else without armor works best.

During his time there he was made chairman of the Teacher Training Department and Fine Art Department, and developed the Perceptual Studies course for the college in which he encouraged students to find their individual voices and explore multiple avenues for creating rather than focusing on traditional practices. In addition to his prolific career as an educator, Claude also worked as a graphic designer for Scholastic (NYC) for nearly 13 years designing ads for the Goosebumps and Harry Potter series.

Claude himself was so inspired by the success of his students that he implemented the process and methodology into his own work and is currently writing a book based on his teaching. Claude's work can be found in the collections of the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, Texas as well as museums in South Africa, such as the Johannesburg Art Gallery, and the Durban Art Gallery.

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