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As they got older and began to crawl they would get shorter.I like to quote a Godey's book that explains trending fashions overlapping decades," Fashions creep into vogue and out again with such stealth that the center of popularity can only be approximated.Dating infants is best achieved by dating the photographic process, we stress this enough. The background or any object visible can be researched.

This toddler has off the shoulder sleeves tied with bows and pleats and a full skirt.

When determining when a photo was taken, you have to consider more than the obvious.

Such as clothes worn, the background, objects in the background and the history of the photo (how did you acquire it).

The history of fashions, methods of photography, customs of different eras, the history of photography, and even the history of wallpaper.

Do not let this sound too intimidating, chances are most photographs have few clues to research .

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The pants worn by boys in the 20th Century have varied widely by decade and country.

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