Dating an antique brass bed

Used traditionally to store post-dinner condiments like sugar and sweet fennel seeds, it can also be put to good use in a...

This antique piece of furniture has been handcrafted out of converted and reused Burma teak wood.

First, the base, with its carvings and the templar structure. This antique collector's item is a throwback to the Mughal empire in India, when royals were carried around in a state fit to be envied.

This beautiful piece is no less than a Royally commissioned work of art.

It’s a dresser cupboard, with exquisite brass patterned inlays.

The grooves are smooth, for adjustable functioning and it gives sturdy support even for heavier, har...

This Beautiful barrel ended day bed, known as a diwan in India, has been made out of wood and woven cane.

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