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As we talked about his dating relationship, I asked him why he was dating her. You could tell he was ashamed to admit to me that he was just dating her for fun to have a good time.

So he finally said to me that he guessed he was dating her because he was interested in marrying her! was a few years away from any serious consideration of marriage.

Three of our four sons have successfully courted four young ladies.

Jason is now happily married to Christy and Jeremy to Rebecca, and Chad courted Susan until the Lord showed both of them that they were not the ones that He had for them.

Though there is no specific courtship formula in one passage of Scripture, God supplies us with all the principles but they are sprinkled throughout the Bible.

As with many other topics, He requires us to study diligently to put together all the pieces.

Jeremy tells me that when he started courting Rebecca, he had to explain to Chinese friends in a paragraph what that meant, so perhaps in Chinese there is not even a word that describes Biblical courtship. It is convenient to use the terms for identification sake, but the application of Biblical principles in the relationship is what is really important, not the labels we put on it.

Now, it is routine to have fetal tests done to see if the baby is going to have any deformities.

If any are found, the mother will kill it so she can try to have one that is more perfect.

Trust your Lord and His Word to guide you in your life decisions.

Others are merely objects we can use to help us get what we really want. But the real reason is so that she will like you and do what pleases you.

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