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"The wind and the rain beat on his fair head As he stood in the darkness wishing he was dead Only seventeen when he went down the mine And it's a year that he's been out on the line..." By New Haven Women's Liberation Rock Band. Song pays tribute to fallen leaders; Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., John F. All those years ago You were the one who imagined it all All those years ago. A positive song about the power and importance of love. A protest song recorded in the late 1960's during the hippie movement when long haired people were viewed as rebels. It happened just the other day..I didn't and I wonder why. Things aint ever gonna change till you stop riding that all night train By Martina Mc Bride. This song just says that so many people put such a stock in all the worldly and material things in a relationship, and what really matters is the honesty and commitment to each other"(quote taken from artist's web site) "... Im talking all about how to give They dont act with much honesty But you point the way to the truth when you say All you need is love. So what if you reached the age of reason only to find there was no reprieve? On February 4, 1999 four NYC police officers fired 41 shots at unarmed Guinean immigrant Amadou Diallo striking him 19 times and killing him in the entrance way of his apartment. Cos I’m no superman, Hmm Yeah, Ho Yeahh Yeah, Whoah…For your consideration, I offer myself with no side of hesitation.

For a while I had no idea what to do.' Perrie is rumoured to have made several references to Gigi in the smash hit Shout Out To My Ex.

Among the lyrics, the girls sing about ‘faking it’ with exes in the bedroom: 'I hope she gettin’ better sex / Hope she ain't fakin’ it like I did, babe.

They also make reference to 'some model chick' in an early version of the song - who fans have claimed refers to Zayn's current girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

A video appears to show the blonde beauty changing the words, apparently prompting bandmate Jade Thirwall to burst into giggles at the cheeky dig.

In the clip, Jade is seen laughing at Perrie, causing Edwards to mock-scold her by saying, 'Jade, stop!

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