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Just northeast of Dallas proper, Garland maintains an adorably authentic small-town vibe despite a population of 220,000 complete with neighborhoods that date back from the 1850s and range from positively grimy to cinematically idyllic.It’s is home to a vast array of folks of all skin tones, ages, shapes, sizes, and net worth, so there’s really something for everyone, except people who hate football.There are some apartment buildings in the area, but you can also rent one of the aforementioned single-family homes, which typically have 3-5 bedrooms, for around 00. Firewheel, Garland's newest neighborhood, is also the most popular.Built up from the mid-1990s into today, you'll find upscale planned communities in this oasis surrounded by greenery just a few miles north of downtown.Mary's Cemetery Bickford Cemetery (1873-1906) Campo Santo Cemetery Mc Guill Cemetery O'Connor Ranch Cemetery (1842-2000) O'Connor Cemetery (African-American) Plummer Family Plot (1869-1883) Refugio - Heard Cemetery (1896-1931) Refugio - Holy Cross Cemetery Refugio - Mt. Fagan Mausoleum / Cemetery Tivoli - Tivoli Cemetery Dick West Cemetery (1918-1919) Mike West Cemetery (1877-1950) Woodsboro - La Rosa Cemetery Woodsboro - St. Cemeteries Justice Cemetery (1937-2001) Village Mills - Richardson Cemetery (See also Hardin Co.) Gilmer - Derrick Cemetery (1866-1978) Gilmer - Unnamed Cemetery Thomas - Simpsonville Cemetery Union Grove - Union Grove Cemetery (Phillips / Mackey Graves) (1855-1971) Garden of Memories Cemetery (1847-1991) Mc Camey - Resthaven Cemetery (1849-2002) Rankin - Rankin Cemetery (1840-2002) Utopia - Waresville Cemetery Del Rio - Westlawn Cemetery (A-M) Del Rio - Westlawn Cemetery (N-Z) Fordtran - Fordtran / Midgett Cemetery Nursery - Nursery Cemetery (partial) (1919-1994) Telferner - Telferner Cemetery - 49 Graves dating 2003-2011 - Huntsville - Mc Guire Cemetery New Waverly - Besser Cemetery New Waverly - Longstreet Cemetery (African-American) New Waverly - Pine Valley Cemetery (See also San Jacinto Co.) Cedar Creek - Cedar Creek Cemetery Hempstead - Gillum Cemetery Hempstead - Old Salem Cemetery Hempstead - Scott's Grove Cemetery (1998) Monaville - Carrington Cemetery Bethlehem Cemetery (Green / Barnhill / Dempsey Graves) (1906-1941) Burton - Derrick Family Cemetery (1856-1927) Williams Cemetery (1911-1955) Los Ojuelos - Los Ojuelos Cemetery (1870-1994) Mirando City - Mirando City Cemetery Glen Flora - Crescent Cemetery Glen Flora - Crescent Cemetery (Addendum) Wharton - Wharton Hispanic Cemetery Wharton - Wharton Hispanic Cemetery (Addendum) Wheeler Co.

Vaughan was the quarterback on the football team, and we had great parties after all the games. Does anyone remember the unforgettable character, TSGT (Leonard J.) Flynn? I am still great friends with the English girl I met back then, Gill Levy Miner.

The Patty Granville Performing Arts center features a variety of theatrical and musical events yearlong. Across town you can find studios that go for about 0, one bedrooms for 0, and two bedrooms for 00. A 12 month lease is standard, but often negotiable, and Garland maintains stringent rental inspection and enforcement of building codes, so it's highly unlikely that you'll get swindled into living in a pizza box with a toilet that constantly catches fire.

Across town you'll find a wide range of dining options whether you prefer your meat in a bun with fries or on fine china accompanied by potatoes au gratin. It's generally recommended that you stay to the north of downtown when considering an apartment rental.

It's home to Firewheel Golf Club and Garland's 'crown jewel': the shopping mecca of Firewheel Acres shopping center, where department stores and restaurants abound.

Homes in this area range from 0,000 to millions of dollars, and apartment rentals consist mostly of highly manicured modern developments.

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