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Smile No man can resist an unexpected smile from a girl and it is a guaranteed way to make them look straight back at you.A smile makes people look more attractive and it also says that you like the person you are smiling at.It’s also a sign that you take good care of yourself and that suggests that you would take good care of someone else too.8.Look approachable One of useful tips on how to attract men is to look approachable.Believe that you are attractive Above all else, you have to believe in yourself when you walk into a room. Tell yourself that you are the most attractive woman in the place and you will have the confidence about you that will make heads turn. You can also look more approachable by the by the body language that you adopt, so don’t stand with your arms folded across your chest looking defensive.

You don’t need to go over the top with this; just a splash of red will make you stand out from the crowd.10.

Give it a go, by smiling at a stranger in the street; it’s fun to watch them look back as you pass them by.2.

Exude confidence Another tip on how to attract men and turn heads is to exude confidence.

10 Tips for girls Have you ever wondered just how some people can walk into a room and attract attention immediately, or why men will look back over their shoulder at some women when they walk by?

Well, there’s a lot more to this knack that some girls have than just cleavage and short skirts.

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Men love a confident woman and, if you can show how confident you are, that will turn heads.

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