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This option lets the client send its FQDN to the DHCP server in the DHCPREQUEST packet.This enables the client to notify the DHCP server as to the service level it requires.Dynamically update DNS A and PTR records for DHCP clients that do not request updates Hope this helps!However should this be ticked, because if it is ticked it is the client updating the records, where by if it is not ticked would it not be the server that does the update and then manage the connections? Correct , but if the DNS server has some default refresh intervals : DHCP Clients : 24 hours The DHCP Client service sends dynamic updates for the DNS records.You, as a DHCP administrator, might want to enable DNS integration in order to automatically update the DNS records dynamically with the DHCP client computers’ information whenever the DHCP server assigns the IP address and other settings to them.Since the DHCP server always assigns the dynamic IP addresses to the client computers which may change from time to time, and the DNS maintains the records of the information about the host names and their corresponding IP addresses, there must be some technology with the help of which the DNS server records can automatically get updated with the latest IP addresses that the DHCP server has assigned to the DHCP clients.Update: added a new post on configuring Solaris, link below.Motivation In today's dynamic R&D network environments, it's not easy to keep the DNS records up-to-date: hosts are reinstalled/renamed/added frequently, virtual machines are so easy to deploy and destroy, DHCP allocates different IPs..

Always dynamically update DNS A and PTR records Discard A and PTR records when lease is deleted.For Windows Server 2008, DNS update security is available only for zones that are integrated into Active Directory.After you integrate a zone, you can use the access control list (ACL) editing features that are available in the DNS snap-in to add or to remove users or groups from the ACL for a specific zone or for a resource record.Hi, A quick question We are running a Windows 2003 server SP2 as our Primary DNS / DHCP server.It is working really well in our forward zone, if I delete a record and then ask the client to request a new IP, it is instant.

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The great thing, is that it even works out-of-the-box on some operating systems.

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