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The town of Abcoude is located on the borders between the present day Dutch provinces of Noord-Holland and Utrecht, on the southern outskirts of Amsterdam.The heerlijkheid of Abcoude, under the suzerainty of the bishop of Utrecht, is first mentioned in the early 11th century: a Chronicle of the church of Utrecht records the names of vassals on 2 January 1021, including die Here van Abcoude who held his document is correctly dated, as the use of low German instead of Latin suggests that it must have been written well after the event.

However, it is not known whether "oncle maternel" is the correct translation of the wording of the original charter which has not yet been seen."Dominus Theodericus de Altena" confirmed property "in villa mea Hunen" to Berne abbey, for the soul of "uxoris mee domine Ymagine", by charter dated , witnessed by "Arnoldus avunculus meuset W. "Theodoricus dictus dominus de Altenaet consanguineus meus Wilhelmus de Horne" recognised "castrum meum de Altena" as a fief held from Floris IV Count of Holland by charter dated witnessed by "Walterus de Altena".A charter dated records the reconciliation of "Th doctus dominus in Altena" with "Nicolaus dictus de Ema et Henricus filius suus ministeriales nostri", naming "domino Wilhelmo de Horne et fratre suo domino Engelbertodominus Wilhelmus dictus de Strina" among the fiduciaries However, the sources appear contradictory regarding the precise relationship link between the Altena and Horn families.If this is the correct interpretation of the second document, it suggests that Dirk [III] van Altena was the maternal uncle of the Horn brothers, their mother being Dirk [III]s sister.This appears to be supported by the charter dated 1235 under which "Wilhelmus dominus de Hoirne" confirmed "avunculus meusdominus Theodericus de Altena" in possession of "castri de Altena", assuming that "avunculus" should be interpreted in its strict sense of maternal uncle (which is far from certain).

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