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I can guarantee you, your date has probably spent just about as much time thinking about how the night is going to end as you have. If you’re on your first date, the good-night kiss is almost ritualistic; I’m sure you’ve already gamed out in your head the moment you’re standing on her porch (or sitting in the car in front of her apartment building or what-have you), you’re saying your good-byes and how you had a great time and want to do this again and you can feel your palms sweating as you’re not sure whether to go for the kiss or a hug, whether to go for the cheek or the lips or just to just damn the torpedoes and hope that you’re getting a good-night beej instead of a dry peck on the lips.If you get a negative reaction: she flinches, turns her head or tells you flat out “try harder” (all of which I’ve had happen), smile, pull back, change the subject, move on to something else.Others I know have had success in pointing to their own cheek, essentially asking for a kiss from a moment, then pull back.She will perform what’s known as the triangle gaze – looking from one eye to the other, then down to your lips, then back up to your eyes.Just as someone who is interested in being kissed will call attention to her own lips, she will .Of the women who responded to the poll, the ones who preferred to be asked thought it was sweet and romantic. She may bite her lip or lick them, especially if you’re moving into close proximity.

One technique I’ve had success with is the “I’m trying not to kiss you right now.” Again, at an appropriate emotional high-point – and you want to make the move for that first kiss at a high-point -move in close (in a manner congruent to the situation; you don’t just want to do the Pepe Le Pew pounce or the creeper sidle) pause, look her in the eye and say “You know, I’m trying hard not to kiss you right now,” and gauge her response.

So maybe you’re on your second or third date and you’re busy scanning for signals that maybe she’s expecting you to kiss her.

You’re parsing her every word and body movement like it’s the Zapruder film and you’re trying to figure out where Waldo is in it and whether he was the shooter on the grassy knoll.

Even if it was in the middle of a crowded bar and some ugly sweaty dude was flirting with your date five minutes before you made your move – it will of your little slip. Nerd Love Facebook page and Twitter feed and it was almost a 2-to-1 case of “Make the move”, followed by a variation of “It depends/fine either way/I like them both”.

Quit worrying trying to recreate a scene from a movie and just be in the goddamned moment. This corresponds rather well with other places where I’ve seen the topic come up (Google “Ask for a kiss” and do your own research): a majority of an incredibly unscientific sampling of women seem to prefer that men make the move rather than ask for it.

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