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The reason for this is explained later on, under Desensitization and Dopamine.

Those that press the point are faced with common myths, such as being dismissed as compulsive users rather than addicts, or that only people with ADHD, depression or other pre-existing conditions can become addicted to pornography.When I spoke to Fapstronaut Teambold, he told me that the inability to perform was his catalyst for change.“I would fap out of boredom, sometimes even at work in the bathrooms. My only real concern was the fact that I was starting to develop ED.It worried me, but until I found No Fap I had always assumed that once it really mattered (with a real live girl) I would be hard as a rock and ready to rampage.What is fascinating about these guys is two-fold: one, how closely their stories match, and two, that Internet porn has become such a part of their lives that they didn’t realise that they had a problem until they discovered No Fap and the work of Gary Wilson.Reddit user m1610, found his entire social and academic life falling to pieces.

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[I was] no longer willing to take that chance.”Similarly, Anon22 recalled erectile dysfunction when he was as young as 15.

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