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The following are the important features one needs to consider when he/she chooses an employer: read more...

As an OPT (Optional Practical Training) International Student, I had been in the same shoes are you were few years ago.

well, it's every bit as beguiling as our setting, ranging from the highwayman Dick Turpin to the painter Constable to the poet Keats; from Freud and D. Lawrence to Sting and Boy George; from Elizabeth Taylor and Judy Dench and Emma Thompson to Rex Harrison, Peter O' Toole, Alan Bates, Dudley Moore, Rowan Atkinson, Liam Gallagher and Jeremy Irons. I shot it to bring to the fore and underline a point that's often overlooked – namely that one of the things you're paying for on a walk is the route.

There are many OPT Students who couldn’t grab/take the OPT Jobs in their major of study due to various reasons such as economical downturn, H1 cap reached by the time they got their job etc.

Well since the job market in India was not that great, so thought why not follow the trend.

Landed in US and joined master's program in Computer Science.

Desi was created by group of Alumni's who have experienced similar difficulties as faced by current jobseekers.

It reduces the time spent on finding International Student Jobs and H1B sponsorship Jobs.

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