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It came to Germany completely uncensored -- with the same rating.There is no set process in rating a game in Germany, and stuff like this is the result of that.Under the motto of "24 hours backstage", the 13th edition of the young farmer girls' calendar features six girls from different regions across Bavaria.Richard Goetz, of the Bavarian Young Farmers' Association, said: "The calendar of this year is supposed to show the real and sexy daily routine of modern agriculture." Over 150 applications were received to appear in the calendar.The stunning models, all from rural backgrounds in Germany, stripped off for the Bavarian Girls Edition 2018 calendar.They posed up a storm on tractors and with farming equipment as they stripped to their underwear.I've been writing a blog series titled "The worst thing about censorship is ███████" for about a year now in order to give you a little insight into videogame censorship, which is still pretty much alive and kicking here in Germany (and elsewhere).

They were snapped by Austrian photographer Julia Stix while posing with the backdrop of a 200-year-old dairy farm in the town of Wuernsreuth, southern Germany.

With a simple edit of the file you can activate the brutality again in all its pixely glory. The enhanced versions that were released over Steam recently were uncensored. Now while I play pretty much every game in English or its native language, had a genius German translation.

You see, the dub contained different English accents.

As I said, in Germany the whole game got the robot treatment.

This means that not only your enemies are robots (and thus no blood and no gore exists, only sparks fly when you shoot somebody and burning robots don't scream of course, because they know no pain), but everybody. In fact, the whole story takes place in a parallel universe, as a convenient text explains. The German version of takes place in another universe where the machines took over the world and humanity went extinct.

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