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The only people who have the right to call him by his given name are his elders and superiors, though they may also use his style name in order to show affection, respect, or simply refinement and courtesy on their own part.

One may not be addressed by his style by his father or grandfather.

A style name is an alternative name that one uses upon reaching adulthood.

The idea behind this is that one’s given name should be respected and not used lightly.

A traditional Chinese name consists of three parts: a surname (姓 xìng), a given name (名 míng), and a style (name), which is also known as a ‘familiar name’ (字 zì).

Individuals are officially referred to by their surname and their given name (in that order), thus Liu Bei has the surname “Liu” and the given name “Bei”.

In an edict announcing the naming of his four sons, Sun Xiu, the third emperor of the Wu kingdom, sums up this tradition nicely: “People have names, so that they can be told apart from one another.There is a anecdote about how Ma Chao, after joining Liu Bei in Shu, often addressed Liu Bei by his style name.This infuriated Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, and the two pleaded with Liu Bei to let them kill Ma Chao (2).The choosing of the style name is traditionally done by the guests of honour at the capping ceremony, or by the young man’s teacher.This tradition, however, is relaxed by the time of the Eastern Han dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period, as Sun Xiu continues to note in the edict: “[And in these days, the style names] could be picked by one’s mentor or friends, father or older brothers; and sometimes it is done even by oneself.

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Names are chosen for a child by their parents or grandparents, which is also similar to Western traditions.

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