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The results were then compared with their own personalities, with the aim being to identify signature behaviours for each of the main personality types.The findings, published in the journal Personality And Individual Differences, revealed each personality had its own unique behaviours.Robots suggesting movements to one another enables the automatic transfer of skills to other robots that have different ways of moving.Intelligent people are more likely to swear and walk around naked at home, according to a new study.The Optimus robot can suggest a motion, shown in yellow in this image, to other machines attempting to complete a task.In simulations the researchers showed that Optimus' skills could be seamlessly transferred to another robot called Atlas The android Atlas, pictured in this simulation, could learn how to remove a cylinder from a container just through Optimus's suggested movements.Scroll down for video Researchers have developed a robot that can teach others to complete simple tasks.

As the national anthem rang out at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, neither the Tennessee Titans nor the Seattle Seahawks were out on the field.

Another is via 'motion-planning techniques', which require a programmer to specify a task's goals and constraints. This gif shows the Optimus robot dropping a thermos into a bucket.

The robot can automatically teach this task to other machines Robots that learn from demonstration can't easily transfer one skill they have learned to another situation and remain accurate.

Quizzing about 1,000 people on 400 typical behaviours, researchers at the University of Rochester in the US also found that extroverts are prone to telling dirty jokes, while those with agreeable personalities are more likely to sing in the shower.

During the study, participants were asked if they performed each of the 400 behaviours, and how often.

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