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The scenic beauty of the rolling hills offers opportunities for taking photos and activities like rock climbing and trekking.Meaning and definitions of date, translation in Malayalam language for date with similar and opposite words.These rock-cut sculptures date back to the 9th century CE when the area was under the control of the Jain king, Mahendra Verman-I (610-640 CE).It was converted into a Bhagavathy (Durga) Temple in the 13 th century and is now famous as Malaikoil (hill temple).During the rule of the Cholas in the 11th century CE, the decline of Jainism began.

As a result, the top of the hill was named Thirucharanmalai, meaning ‘the hill holy to the charanas or Jain monks’.The cave contains rock-cut sculptures of Thirthankaras (Jain saints like Jainatheertha Parswanathan, Mahaveer and Padmavathi Devi and attendant deities).These sculptures are carved both within the cave and on the face of the hillock and are the remnants of a long-forgotten Jain culture.An hour and half drive away from Kanyakumari and 7 kms from Marthandam, there is a lovely spot with a hillock called Chitharal (Chittaral).This place, tucked away from the hullaballoo of modern life, provides a quiet, meditative space for the world weary traveler.

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