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For application hotfixes however, you can get individual fixes for a specific KB you want.This will change when the application sealing comes around next year, but for now you have the option.This is nice and efficient because otherwise you'd have tens of thousands of source files in source control if you were to check-in the whole application.But from a source control perspective, this is weird.The option is then to either manually copy the code - or potentially add these unaffected objects to source control from there (thus, creating your own baseline copy like prepare would have done).control, already binding values from the database and displaying them, with the ability to add and delete entries from the table.Quick note on installing hotfixes and common questions around the usage of the prepare option.

You want to check-in the original versions of the objects prior to applying the hotfix.

I recommend a previous post I made on the topic of updates, upgrades and hotfixes.

When it comes to hotfixes, the platform is serviced as a whole.

Or if you did prepare but forgot to check-in before hitting apply. Ultimately, you need to get the original code from another VM that wasn't affected.

So, consider these points: - Did the hotfix go into source control and was it synchronized to other VMs as well? this means removing the hotfix would affect multiple machines) - Was it just an issue on your dev box, for example you hit apply right after prepare but haven't checked in anything (i.e.

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If you don't check it in before hitting apply, you won't have that base version! (in PU12 a dialog box was added after doing prepare that tells the developer to make sure to check-in prior to hitting apply).

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