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As mentioned above, you should wear the mask to ward off some approaching animatronics. It is used to observe the hallway and a few darkened areas of the camera feeds.It is also effective to reset a few animatronics via strobe light.On Night 6, the Phone Guy will inform that the restaurant has been closed for unknown reasons.Additionally, he warns that Jeremy should not go away from the office.

In Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, you are hired to watch animatronics and other equipment of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria for five nights.Animatronic animal characters are not programmed with a night mode.Therefore, they must wander and seek out the nearest noise at night.The Phone Guy will call and explain the gameplay and the history as well as provide the important information about animatronics, robots have a facial recognition software.The software can defend kids from every potential harm.

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A newspaper clipping shows that the winning screen of the sixth night will appear the scene when the owner of the pizzeria is forced to close the door, the new animatronics will be trashed, and the older ones will be reprogrammed when it reopens, resulting in events of the first FNAF game.

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