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In 2001 the Proteus line of modules was repackaged in the form of a line of tabletop units, the XL7 and MP7 Command Stations, broadly similar to the rack-mounted 2500 in features but featuring touch-sensitive pads suitable for recording drum patterns.

In 2001-2002, E-mu/Ensoniq released a trio of entry-level keyboards, essentially the keyboard versions of the Proteus 2500 module.

The E-mu MK-6, E-mu PK-6 and Ensoniq Halo featured the same 61-key keyboard and controls layout, but slightly different soundset.

🙂 Till now, I have received hundreds of suggestions and requests about this Library and I have always told them that its under designing process and I will post it real soon.

Four more missions using Proteus would follow: CALIPSO, launched in 2006 by a Delta II vehicle; COROT the same year by a Soyuz launcher; JASON-2 in 2008 by Delta II; and SMOS in 2009 by a Rockot launcher.

The last Proteus bus in the series is flying on the JASON-3 mission launched in 2016.

I am still working on it and I will soon update these files and will add more commands in it but till then you have to use these commands only. Must write your experience in the below comments which will work as a boost for me and I will design it even faster.

Moreover, this Library contains only one module in it which is SIM900D module. 🙂 So, till next tutorial, take care and have fun !!!

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However, since most allowed four ROM chips to be mounted, and these chips were available separately, real differences might be simply cosmetic.

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