Serial dater online dating

This way they can stay emotionally disconnected from their timely partners and can quickly switch from one lover to another.

Serious talks about your relationship are also something to avoid at all costs for speed daters.

Usually a lonely place in which friends and even lovers are consistently lost and replaced, life is made better by a stable, healthy relationship.

In actuality, speed daters are not superficial or even morally loose individuals.

They make a conscious bid on bachelor life and all its benefits while keeping a foot in the door of romantic engagement.

With such a great “offer” and a corresponding “demand”, the modern dating environment has spawned its ultimate user and beneficiary – the serial dater. Natural expert of the dating sites and applications such as Tinder or Plentyof Fish, the speed dater will come home from a date and login into their account without a second thought.

This is not because he is looking for true love, but because of deeper psychological motivations.

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It is their way of trying to keep best of both worlds.

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