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Consumers are getting swept into some scams across the country that promise a way to use special bank routing numbers supposedly from the U. By re-examining the account numbers being used to pay bills, staff members noticed that individuals had been trying to pay old state debts by using routing numbers from two U. Department of Treasury bureaus — the financial management service and the bureau of public debt."Individuals are using these federal routing numbers with their Social Security Number as the checking account number and listing the bank as either FMS or the BPD," the state treasury department said.Leix said the strategy seems to be one promoted by tax protest groups and others.In the letter to the FCC, an attorney for the rural carriers, Ross Buntrock, wrote to complain that AT&T is refusing to pay the required fees to rural carriersdespite being required by law to do so."AT&T is engaging in very similar conduct to 'reduce its access expenses' by simply refusing to pay its bills," Buntrock wrote.We talk about this crazy online information and how it does not work.

Since Congress deregulated the telecommunications industry in 1996, much of this traffic comprises extremely lucrative sex chat lines, which the national carriers wind up paying for.Since most consumers now have phone service with unlimited long distance or large monthly chunks of minutes, the calls are supercheap -- or effectively free -- for the user, while AT&T and the other long-distance carriers have to shoulder the charges imposed by the local exchanges. Thus, while lawmakers, AT&T, and editorial page might pontificate about how this is all about rural phone customers, or fairness, in reality this is about sex and money -- and everyone knows it, including AT&T, which has long griped about the situation.In a 2007 letter to the FCC complaining about the practice, AT&T wrote: "Many of the calling service providers use 'free' pornographic chat lines to generate traffic....Would you watch a You Tube video and try to pay your bills with a Fed Routing number and your Social Security number?Well, about 1,000 DTE customers tried to do just that.

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After Congress and President Bill Clinton deregulated the phone industry with Telecommunications Act of 1996, rural areas came to receive their service primarily from two types of local carriers: an ILEC, for "incumbent local exchange carrier," the local phone companies that predated the Ma Bell breakup; or a CLEC, for "competitive local phone exchange," companies that emerged after the industry was deregulated.

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