Singapore dating culture

She was someone unsure of what to do and uninterested in the consequences of her actions – she happily toyed with me as her marriage crumbled and now dawdles through life, occasionally contacting me to remind me to be miserable.

On my birthday last year, I decided that the girl I liked from work had to be told, so we began what seemed a very successful partnership with some coffee and cake.

Let me preface this with a few important considerations. Admittedly, I tend to look down at the ground when I smile and I look better in suits than shorts, but I don’t stop traffic.

Not unless I decide to cross without the guidance of the green man, a crime against humanity here in Singapore. My past is littered with examples of unrequited love, pointless pining and disastrous misjudgments.

Today, this 26-year-old chick magnet has been with approximately 15 girls.

And that excludes his beeline of suitors – men and women alike – of all personalities.

From one night stands to borderline-serious relationships, he has conquered continents far and wide.

Well, literally, since he’s an Air Steward at the moment. Most Koreans I dated knew a bit of English, but if they don’t, GG (good game) for you. So for example, they’ll know what’s power, not strength.

You see, people may be very trusting here but there is an underlying assumption held by some that most Westerners are just here for the sex.Being rather naive and inhibited, I felt a little downcast that she would think that of me and more than a little frightened at the prospect of it with her.My next two dead-ends became my friends, which is nice.My success rate is slightly more impressive than Gordon Brown’s attempts at smiling, and just as pretty. Though finding a woman here has been far easier than in the UK, keeping or understanding them has been a whole new ball game.Under orders from a family that feared my disappearance into oblivion and with a driven sense of mission and newly discovered optimism, I signed up on a dating website on arrival here in 2008.

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I considered becoming shallow as a tactic but realised that my integrity is worth a few more dinners for one.

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