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It is kept at Ballater bus depot and is now in Alexander blue cream livery with the assistance of Stagecoach.243 AJB is a preserved AEC Regent V that was used for staff transport by the the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell.It was running at the Wroughton rally (Thamesdown centenary) in 2004 while privatelypreserveed and is now a residnet of the Oxford Bus Museum.Former Bradford AEC Regent III with East Lancs bodywork number 82 is preserved by the Aire Valley Transport Group.Also preserved by AVTG is number 410, former London Transport RT172, which ran in the Bradford fleet for 10 years until 1968.

Buses with a Class VI MOT and therefore available for public service are listed on the AECs in Service page, even if they are primarily preserved and only appear infrequently in service.Two former Bradford AEC Regent Vs with Metro Cammell bodywork are preserved at the Keighley Bus Museum. Sister 204 was also there, but appears to have been used for spares at it was in a stripped state in summer 2011.Also there is Regent I KY 9106 and an AEC Mandator sevice vehicle new to Huddersfield.The Scottish Vintage Bus Museum (SVBM) has ex Alexander (Fife) Reliance 7424 SP in its collection at Lathalmond near Dunfermline. A full history of the restoration work is on John's web page which can be accessed by clicking the image to the left.Single deck Alexander bodied AEC Monocoach GWG 472, built in 1955, is owned mostly by drivers from Stagecoach Bluebird.

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