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I enjoy working out with weights, taking long walks along the lakefront, listening to music, and reading mystery novels.

And, of course, I love spending time with Gwen and every day I’m thankful that Gwen continues to spend her life with me.

Some people don't have the body and shape that they want, so they have to deal with working out and getting the body they want. You get a huge amount of social interaction, and it's very easy to get quick immediate feedback because it's based off of how much money you get.

I figure that during a typical week we’ll have some form of sex at least 10 times.

Gwen is a serious amateur dancer and so she has flexibility throughout her body and her arms and legs are very powerful without being bulky. I, on the other hand, am a white man, more than 6 feet tall, rather muscular, but with the beginnings of that spare tire all men seem to develop at some point in their lives.

As for looks, I consider myself to be average looking at best.

But you have to think from a working perspective and realize that to do, you're probably also not going to continue to get money from that person because you're taking that fantasy away. But I don't want someone to believe there is a romantic relationship between us when there's not.

Clients sometimes misconstrue that the nature of your attention and that you're just being nice to them.

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" or I could have done my homework weeks in advance and cultivated a relationship with different people who would continually come in and support me to ensure that I don't have that slow night ever. I'm also an author, a model, an actor, so I have plenty of bad nights, but it's of my own choosing and it doesn't really bother me. You can specifically bring people into the club who you think are your type.

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