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Our more rigorous way of inspecting will help make sure that teachers are better prepared when they enter the teaching profession.” Ofsted published a consultation document on Tuesday setting out the proposed new inspection regime, which will be implemented from June this year.

It places a far higher emphasis on the “management of pupil behaviour and discipline”, ensuring new teachers have the expertise needed to control lessons.

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More than 100,000 secondary school pupils will be taught maths and science by teachers untrained in the subjects because of a chronic shortage of new recruits, education experts will warn today.

But Sir Michael Wilshaw, the chief inspector, has previously emphasised the importance of teachers adopting “business-like” attire.

It also says “extreme hairstyles” are banned, visible tattoos are discouraged, jewellery should be discreet and piercing should be restricted to the ears, although single nose studs may be worn for religious reasons.

“How many times have I heard that trainees have been inadequately prepared to deal with poor behaviour?

” Further reforms to teacher training inspections include: • Ensuring trainees are taught about the causes of low achievement among pupils and how to raise exam results; • Strategies to boost standards among children from the poorest backgrounds; • Making sure teachers can use “continuous assessment and summative tests” to monitor the performance of pupils; • Ensuring training institutions have a rigorous recruitment and selection process to focus on “high quality trainees”; • Efforts made by teacher training partnerships to focus on tough schools that struggle to recruit good teachers, particularly in "areas of the country where recruitment is extremely difficult".

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