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When I bought my PS3 (the slim model) I have a choice between the 160GB and 320GB models.As I had no intention of storing music and photos on it I thought the former, cheaper, model would be fine. I didn’t account for 2 things – 1) the size of games and 2) getting Premium membership, which means getting lots of free, downloadable games.The 750GB appears to be hard to get hold of and appears to be the older version of the drive (the original model ran at 7200 rather than 5400 rpm which, although quicker, would have led to a noisier and hotter running drive).The 1TB model is probably over-kill, particularly as it’s a lot more costly and, with a height of 9.5mm, is stretching the height limit. Now, many people have asked the question as to whether a hybrid drive is worth it, bearing in mind that the PS3 only uses SATA 1, which has a maximum throughput of 150MB/s. If you look at benchmarks for even the fastest 2.5 drives, you will see maximum (and remember that’s maximum) speeds of substantially under than 150MB/s limit.

Storage have done an excellent review of the drive. Seagate’s 500GB SSHD Thin drive at 7mm is a wallet-friendly alternative for users seeking new technology that provides low-power consumption, serious performance gains over conventional HDDs when in cache, and overall solid value per gigabyte.It will recognise that the OS is missing and prompt you to plug in the USB memory stick that you prepared earlier with the latest firmware.The formatting of the new drive will now take place and the firmware will be copied on.The size of drive you need is dependant on how much you need to backup and you’re unlikely to get it onto a USB memory stick so an external 2.5 or 3.5″ drive will probably be necessary.I tried a USB 3 drive and it wouldn’t work (although it’s supposed to be backwards compatible, from the sounds it was making I think power was an issue).

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