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If you want to further explore your programming font choices, check out this article, written by my friend Dan Benjamin, which provides a great overview of some of the most popular choices.Despite not receiving any major updates for well, years, Text Mate remains a favorite among old and new developers.But what if there was a better way to discover and install bundles, within Text Mate itself? Get Bundles has a graphical interface that allows you to search the official Text Mate bundle repository, the review queue Git Hub.

Mac OS X comes with several choices, including Menlo, which made its appearance in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Plugins can impact the program as a whole, whereas bundles are specific collections of commands, snippets and shortcuts.

Some of my favorite Text Mate plugins include: What's even better than just downloading the plugins is downloading the plugins and a set of UI modifications.

Over the years, Text Mate bundles have been created for practically every web framework and task you can imagine.

You can find these bundles online and double click the *.tmbundle file to install.

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