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From my first play through, it didn't seem that your choices were very significant, despite all the ' He/She will remember that' notifications.

The early chapters felt like they had more substance than the second half of the story.

The fight scenes are enjoyable and adds to the gameplay. Episode 4 is unspeakably good with the introduction of new characters.

It finds bruce making a difficult choice at the end as well. There werent really any choices I highly recommend it to Batman fans. Unfortunately each chapter seemed pathetically short compared to other Tell Tale titles.

Now I know you hardcore comic book fans will disagree with the story being told in a new light even then check out what they did.

This is hopefully the beginning of more to come like this!

From a fan of previous Tell Tale games, I felt disappointed.

Some of the choices didnt matter as you end in the same result.

The big choice is the one that defines the batman that you want to be.

Unfortunately, the series does have the common Telltale issue of pigeonholing the player down a path even if they should be able to choose out of it.

Overall, if you're a legitimate Batman fan outside of the Nolan movies there's a very good chance you could enjoy this.

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Episode 2 however rather makes up for it with the introduction of the children of Arkham and bruce finding out about his parents.

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