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Their images are fairly limited, but they publish a few gems regularly.They also do a nice annual limited edition Christmas puzzle. BOX — 9/10 Like Jumbo and Ravensburger, Falcon boxes are a traditional rectangular shape, about 10″ x 14″.Personally, I really like it when puzzles include a mini catalogue or brochure showing this year’s full line-up.With that, this would have rated a 10, but 9 is pretty good!If you lift a section of puzzle, you have to take care that it doesn’t fall apart. IMAGE REPRODUCTION — 7/10 I must say, I was a bit disappointed in the image reproduction for this puzzle.Yes, the image is painterly and not a super crisp art style, but the image on the box appears considerably more crisp in detail and more colorful than the puzzle. You can see that the fine detail is definitely fuzzier on the puzzle and the blues are much more muted.Miles away from a London Dry, the whisky-like malt tones of Genever make it perfect to drink straight, on the rocks, or in easy mixed drinks like a Dutch Coke-Genever with Coke.

But it was definitely the case in this sample, so I’ve dinged their score in this category. IMAGE VARIETY & ARTISTS — 7/10 Falcon’s image offerings are fairly limited. SUMMARY: 59/70 Falcon de Luxe is an old English puzzle brand (dating back to the 18th century) that is now owned by Jumbo, a Netherlands puzzle company.Like Jumbo, Falcon’s quality is very high, similar to Ravensburger.The sides of the box are attractive and arranged so that you can store the puzzle vertically and still show the image, puzzle name, piece count, and company logo.One side contains a detailed list of the box’s contents and instructions for gluing the puzzle. INSIDE THE BOX — 9/10 How deluxe are the internal goodies (such as posters or brochures)?

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The boxes are very, very sturdy, both top and bottom, and should hold up well for many years. The back of the box is not blank, but it doesn’t have any information particular to this puzzle or artist.

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